Third Earth Archive, 2023

(Graphic Design, Exhibition Design)

MUSEION | Museum of modern and contemporary art
30.09.2023 – 25.02.2024

Curated by Bart van der Heide and Leonie Radine
in collaboration with DeForrest Brown, Jr.

Exhibition architecture by DPStudio

All photos by Lineematiche – L. Guadagnini, © Museion

An archive following alternative timelines by DeForrest Brown Jr. and featuring the drawings of Abdul Qadim Haqq. DeForrest Brown Jr. has assembled various artifacts and references derived from his in-depth research on techno history to create a spatial translation of parts of his book Assembling a Black Counter Culture (2022).

Fig. 1

At the entrance of the room a oversized diagram in the shape of a carpet was re-designed from the original found in Assembling a Black Counter Culture by DeForrest Brown, Jr.

Fig. 2

The walls of the room features the work of Abdul Qadim Haqq, overlapped to a timeline from the work of DeForrest Brown, Jr.

Fig. 3

The stretching of the typography derives from the early photomechanic treatments found in early techno rave flyers. It also serves as an oversized optical correction for the slanted surfaces of the walls and the carpet.

Fig. 4

The timeline extends circularly all across the floor dedicated to the Archive. The even pace of the visual works by Abdul Qadim Haqq meet the timeline irregularly.

Fig. 5

The slanted spacers between the milestones of the timeline sets the polyrhythm of the alternating pattern of texts and visual works.

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